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Donny And Marie

Donny and Marie Show Las Vegas

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They were known nationwide in the late ‘70’s for a self-titled variety series. They sang their way through the ‘80’s. In the late ‘90’s, the duo came back together for a short-lived talk show. Now Donny and Marie Osmond can be found on the Las Vegas Strip, headlining at the Flamingo Resort and Casino since 2008. Donny, originally famed for being a part of the all-mail vocal group, The Osmonds, and his sister Marie, better recognized as the spokesperson for the weight loss program, Weight Watchers, have joined together to provide nights worth of unforgettable entertainment to locals and tourists of Sin City.

Thanks to their proficiency of standing in the spotlight, both Donny and Marie are well versed in how to keep an audience entertained; and with the show they put on at the Flamingo, its apparent that show business is much like riding a bike. The show begins with a set-list of recognizable songs, all aimed at pumping up the audience before each artists takes their minute in the spotlight alone. “Get the Party Started” kicks off a night of excitement as a troop of backup dancers hinge their maneuvers on every world that echoes throughout the auditorium. Donny and Marie may have had extensive careers of ups and downs, but neither artist shows any wear and tear from their hectic lives. Each note is hit perfectly and with an energy that inevitably pulls you in.

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After 30 years of performing hits solo, Donny and Marie come together on the main stage of the Flamingo to perform an original track, the first written by the duo in that 30 year time span. “Vegas Love” tones down the evening for a moment, soothing the audience with the sounds of Donny and Marie. To hear the beloved duo singing an original song is a treat to fans that have followed the Osmond siblings from the start of their careers.

Partway through the show, the duet splits, allowing each to shine in the spotlight. Marie tantalizes the audience with renditions of “Walk this Way” while Donnie caters to the female crowd with “Puppy Love”. The show concludes with the siblings coming together once again, spouting off tunes like “Make the World Go Away” and “Deep Purple”. Whether together or solo, each performer carries a tune implicitly and delivers a well-rounded performance.

Donny and Marie bring life to the stage with little effort, but both are sure to pour their hearts into every solitary note they utter. The performance arena at the Flamingo allows each voice to travel, so no matter where you’re seated, you have a “good seat”. Despite whether you’re an Osmond fan or not, by the end of the performance, the sibling vocalists will have worked a magic on you that immediately sucks you into their world.

Donny and Marie Las Vegas

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Flamingo Hotel

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Nightly 7:30PM (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)


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Family, Musical Theatre, Child Friendly.

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