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Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin

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Eddie Griffin Las Vegas

A well-known movie actor, a stand-up comedian who was honored as one of the top one hundred stand-up comedians of all time. He has braced, not only the stage but also the silver screen and has appeared in 50 films, on top of having numerous television shows. You might have seen this star in movies like the 'undercover brother'. Yes, I am talking about Eddie Griffin. His jokes are about everything and anything. You name it and he's got a joke on it. For Eddie Griffin, almost anything is a platform for a hilarious statement. Did I mention he is also not afraid to offend? But of course, his jokes should not be taken personally because after all, it's about the fun and laughter with this guy.

I'm pretty sure you're wondering what we are getting to. He is back at it again. The great talented Eddie Griffin will be hosting a stand-up comedy show at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. You might also be wondering where exactly in the Rio Hotel and Casino the comedy show will be hosted. It will be in the King's room. Make sure you get yourself a ticket that will secure you a seat and get ready to laugh from start to end while seated an arm's length away from the funniest man alive. That is definitely an experience of a lifetime! As you purchase your ticket, don't forget to get your friends and family onboard. You can't have all the fun alone, now can you?

Ladies and gentlemen, come laugh the evening away with raw jokes from our star. This show gets even better for you guys, it's an all adult show. Start looking for a baby sitter because the kids will definitely not be attending this one. This is not a show you can afford to miss. Are you in Las Vegas? Get yourself a ticket today.

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Rio Hotel and Casino

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90 minutes (approx.)

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Ages 18 and Up.





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