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Fashionistas show

Fashionistas Show


Fashionistas Show Overview

If a nicely choreographed show is what you are going for, the next time you head to Las Vegas then “Fashionistas” may be just the show for you! “Fashionistas” was produced by John Stagliano. “Fashionistas” is a show you will want to see as a couple, without the kids because the erotic show of fetish and fantasy just isn't suitable for those under the age of 18.

“Fashionistas” provides the best in gender-bending performances. However, this is not the main focal point of the show. The creativity that is presented in this stunning production is why people keep coming to see “Fashionistas” time and again. Featuring exceptional aerialists who appear, as if by magic, from a platform overhead, “Fashionistas” is filled with plenty of surprises that will leave you excited and entranced at the same time!

Fashionistas Show

Critics are calling the techniques used on the “Fashionistas” stage both “muscular and aggressive”. The audience is able to become one with the performers as they pop up all across the theater in provocative and sexy costumes. These costumes are both simple and gorgeous. The eye-catching outfits just add to the overall environment of excellence within the “Fashionistas” theater.

Both men and women will love this show. There is no nudity in it. However, the costumes are created in a way that is both titillating and enticing to every member of the audience. Told as a “Boy meets girl” romance, “Fashionistas” is far from the typically corny story you see in other productions and on the silver screen. In this story, the relationship faces challenges as the boy and girl are split apart by the girl's other lover…another female! As scenes run their course, you will get to see fetish at its best including some examples of sadomasochism.

Drawing rave reviews, this production is not for everyone. When you come to see “Fashionistas”, you must have an open mind and allow the beat of the music, the glitz and glamour of the performance, and the eroticism of the story to take you over for the evening.

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