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Gordie Brown Show

Gordie Brown Show

at Planet Hollywood Hotel The Show is Currently Unavailable

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Gordie Brown offers impeccable timing when it comes to his comedy routine in Las Vegas. You will be taken on a non-stop ride the entire time as Gordie energetically entertains you with his on-the-go comedy style. When you go to see Gordie Brown Show Las Vegas, you need to be prepared to expect the unexpected. You will laugh and it will not stop until his entire routine is over as Gordie is known for his unique humor around the world.

Known for Gordie Brown's on-cue impersonations, you will be rolling in the aisles as you listen to Gordie and his band. The band is a five-piece orchestra that accompanies his performance combining the ultimate experience of both comedy and music in one night! The music spans the last four decades and you are sure to catch at least one tune you recognize if not all of them!

Gordie Brown Impersonators Show

It is hard to describe the show that Gordie Brown performs at Planet Hollywood Hotel Las Vegas because words cannot express how magnificent a show it is. The unique factor also makes it extremely hard to describe, as it is nearly incomparable to any other show playing in Las Vegas currently. Gordie will take you through a whirlwind of impressions as your favorite movie stars, pop culture icons, and politicians take to the stage in his great impersonations.

The only way to try to compare Gordie Brown is to say he is similar to the star of the Mirage, Danny Gans, who is known as the "Man of Many Voices". However, Gordie is the new kid on the block, located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Both men have a penchant for impressions and have show business backgrounds. However, the men differ in their familiarity. Gans has been where Brown is today. Though he may not be as well known by both visitors and residents of Las Vegas, Gordie is quickly making a name for himself and it is only a matter of time.

Today, Gordie enjoys delighting crowds with over sixty different impressions and songs per show. Amongst his most popular include, Kathryn Hepburn, Jay Leno, Archie Bunker, Mick Jagger, Christopher Walken, Tom Cruise, Gordon Lightfoot, Dean Martin, Julio Iglesias, Tracy Chapman, John Wayne, Louis Armstrong, Elvis, William Hung, Green Day, Jim Carrey, Garth Brooks, Santana, Mike Tyson, Ted Koppel, Sammy Davis Jr., and more!

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Planet Hollywood Hotel

Show Times

Nightly 10:00PM Dark Sunday..


90 minutes (approx.)

Age restriction

Yes, 16 and up.





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The Show is Currently Unavailable

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