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Ice show

Ice Show

at Riviera Hotel Closed

Ice Show Overview

When it is 120 degrees outside, Ice: Direct from Russia at the Riviera is where you want to be. This spectacular winter wonderland features 42 skaters from Russia that spend 80 minutes captivating their audience with their dance and acrobatic moves. On Ice. Just to remind you. Ice from Russia is based on the choreography of Sergey Ryshkoff. Ryshkoff is the founder of the Moscow Ice Circus, a popular show that has toured Europe and Asia for years. Choreographer Debra Brown has adapted the Moscow Ice Circus to fit the audiences of Las Vegas.

As you enter the showroom for Ice Show Las Vegas, you leave the unbelievable heat of Las Vegas behind and are transported to Moscow. Soon though, the frigid setting and costuming gives way to a warmer theme more in line with Las Vegas’ weather and, let’s be honest, the audience’s attire. The sets and costuming of Ice are deliberately minimalist, thus showcasing the beauty and grace of the skaters. If the mood of Ice seems familiar, then chances are you’re a veteran of such Cirque du Soliel shows as Mystere and O, which Ice choreographer Debra Brown also worked on.

Ice Show

The skating in Ice is stunning. The music and moves and props work together to create a truly intimate and magical environment. Think of Cirque du Soliel on ice skates and you’ve got some little idea of how truly gorgeous this show is. The show changes fast. From that moment of lush romance, you may suddenly find yourself staring at three men on stage telling jokes, vaudeville style. Yes, Ice has taken a page from the book of Cirque du Soliel in its pacing and make-up for sure. And that is a good thing, because this format is nothing if not highly entertaining and engaging to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

One amazing not to be missed moment from Ice comes when the skaters come out skating on stilts. Yes, that’s right, stilts! Amazing. It must be seen to be believed and appreciated. The audience will hold its breath when the high flips and other acrobats are performed…on ice. It’s like the fortune cookie joke where you follow up the fortune with …in bed. Except here it’s …on ice. They hula hoop…on ice. They cartwheel…on ice. This is one show, you definitely don’t want to miss. Exploringlasvegas.com has your hookup…on ice. Ask for a quote and we’ll design an evening that will blow your mind…on ice.

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Riviera Hotel


Ice skating show.

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  • Jena B.

    Moscow Ice Circus @ Riviera Hotel

    Best live show i have ever seen period. Have seen it 3x in Vegas. Would LOVE for them to come to Atlanta.