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Le Rêve The Dream

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Le Rêve Preview

Le Rêve Overview

Anything you might have seen that was magnificent can be replaced by Le Reve Show Las Vegas at Wynn. It is larger than life and brighter than any other show you have ever seen. Le Reve Show will blow your mind with the spectacle, which was created by Franco Dragone. If you do not recognize his name, you are not alone, but one thing is for certain, you most likely have already seen or have heard of one of his shows.

Franco Dragone was one of the masterminds behind Cirque du Soleil. He served as a creative director and he took all his knowledge and know how to create Le Reve show. This time though he created something bigger, better, and more entertaining than anything you could ever imagine. Franco Dragone is known for thinking outside the box and it shows, in the dazzling wonderment that is considered a performance. In actually, it is so much more!

When you think of Le Reve Las Vegas, you think of something that is bold and beyond your greatest imagination. That is what Franco Dragone wanted to create when he was developing the show Le Reve. He wanted his to be the greatest show on the planet and most people will say he succeeded. The theater seats over 2,000 people (2,087 to be exact), and is shaped like a dome. It is located at the most expensive hotel in Las Vegas, the Wynn Hotel!

Rediscover Le Reve and the new theater which has been completely remodeled with warmer colors, the most luxurious seats on the Strip and a new VIP Champagne Circle! The design team has brought a new look and feel to the show with one of the most impressive lighting and sound packages in any theater in the world! Movable lights are choreographed in time with the performers and offer a more surreal and dreamlike experience during the show!

"Le Reve" is as lavish as the setting in which it is set. Using a multitude of performance methods including music, dance, water movements, acrobatics, flight, light tricks, hydraulics, and exquisite costuming, the show is set upon a stage designed to be a virtual seabed (made up by a 1 million gallon pool). There is no other show with such an intricate staging setup or set design as the one used in "Le Reve".

Le Reve Las Vegas

Our Rating

Kids Friendly


Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

Show Times

7:00PM and 9:30PM
Friday - Tuesday


75 minutes (approx.)

Age restriction

Must be 5 years of age or older.


Very Little.


Production, Theatre, Family

Seating Chart

seating chart

La Reve tickets cost $119 per person for the age group 12 and up. Early reservation required, it is a usualy sold out ticket. One of the great side of this show is that the stage has 360 view therefore there is no bad seat. It is a asset theater on its kind.

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More Infomation about Le Rêve

"Le Reve" is as lavish as the setting in which it is set. Using a multitude of performance methods including music, dance, water movements, acrobatics, flight, light tricks, hydraulics, and exquisite costuming, the show is set upon a stage designed to be a virtual seabed (made up by a 1 million gallon pool). There is no other show with such an intricate staging setup or set design as the one used in "Le Reve".


  • A unique entertainment experience which features aerial acrobatics, provocative choreography and artistic athleticism
  • The show is performed in the newly-restyled Le Reve Theater, an intimate aqua theater in-the-round with seats no more than 12 rows from the stage
  • The VIP Indulgence Package offers a complimentary bottle of Perrier Jouët Champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, generously-scaled lounge seating and private video monitors with up-close imagery and live glimpses behind-the-scenes
  • "Le Reve" is directed by Franco Dragone, whose signature brand of visually stunning and innovative entertainment is at the core of the production
  • "Le Reve" opened in April 2005
  • The Wynn Theater interior was designed by Mark Fisher, world-renowned architect and Roger Thomas, executive vice president of design for Wynn Resorts
  • Tony Award-winning lighting designers Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer, with the team from their company Third Eye Ltd, further enhanced the experience of the show when they created an entirely new lighting design
  • Maksim Chmerkovskiy of "Dancing with the Stars" fame choreographed three dance scenes, including "Tango", "Paso Doble" and "Piece Montèe."
  • Theatre seats 1,606
  • Cast of over 85 artists from 17 countries
  • Tickets are priced at $99 (Splash Zone) and $125 (Premium Seating). The VIP Indulgence Package is $179 per person. Prices do not include service charge and tax
  • Performances are nightly except Tuesdays and Wednesdays

"Le Reve" is about a man named Wayne who has dreams. Coincidentally enough, the term "Le Reve" is French for the dream. Wayne is led by a helpful guide named Morpheus. He leads the entire audience along with Wayne through his dream. You can see the good in his dream and the bad in his dream, as the true natures of this man are explored in this unique and fascinating story.

"Le Reve" has 85 performers and close to 200 technicians that help the show run smoothly each night. This show is only available at the Wynn Theater. There are two shows nightly with the theater dark on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Le Rêve FAQ

  • What is the depth of the pool? 27 feet
  • What does Le Rêve mean? “The Dream”
  • How long is the show? 75 minutes
  • Do the same people perform both shows? Yes, the same performers participate in both shows
  • How many people can the theater seat? 1,608
  • How many performers are in the show? There are a total of 91 performers including the musicians
  • Are the performers from different countries? Le Rêve’s international cast represents 18 different countries
  • How far does that performer drop during the high dive? He drops an astonishing 80 feet
  • What is the water temperature in the pool? 89 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Will I get splashed by the performers? Possibly, if you’re seated in the “Splash Zone,” which is rows one and two
  • 16 divers are working just beneath the surface during the show.
  • 12 underwater infrared cameras are used to monitor all divers and performers in the water.
  • 1,600 towels a day are used for Le Rêve.
  • 11 Dressers are needed each show to assist with the 2,000 costume items, headpieces, shoes, and masks.
  • 14 technicians run the costume shop repairing costumes, shoes, wigs, and masks.
  • Every day, 66 pairs of red shoes will be repainted and the soles re-glued.
  • Dozens of holes drilled in all shoes to drain water. A Wardrobe Attendant will walk 12 miles on an average show night.
  • 75 birds are used in each show and 280 birds are kept in rotation.
  • The theatre is equipped with over 4 miles of wire rope.
  • The rotating platform is 65 feet in diameter, weighs approximately 45,000 pounds, and rotates at speeds up to four revolutions per minute.
  • Approximately 20 man-hours are spent every day inspecting the entire system in order to ensure its safety.
  • There are 20 miles of underwater lighting cable powering 450 fixtures in the pool.
  • 1.1 million gallons are used to fill the pool. The pool takes 8 hours to drain and 12 hours to refill.
  • The Audio Department designed and built a custom system which allows the scuba divers to talk with each other under water.
  • There are 11 underwater cameras and 15 underwater speakers.
  • The “tree” weighs 4,700 pounds dry, 1,700 pounds when underwater.

Le Rêve Map

Le Rêve Reviews

Overall Rating: based on 5 reviews
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  • A L.


    Far exceeded my expectations. The most amazing show I've ever seen. Humbled by the amazing performers and their athletic abilities! Graceful, engaging, exciting! Would highly recommend!

  • Allen H.

    not worth the money

    It's such a waste of a beautiful complex. The show is absolutely not worth the money! It's quite boring after 10 minutes. You see people jumping in and out of the water and that's it. The comedic relief is so lame and corny. Don't waste your money on this show...My wife and I were deeply disappointed.

  • Joan M.

    astonishing performance

    A completely astonishing performance, with the most splendid set and a cast of outstanding performers. A must see!.

  • John T.

    flow is flawless

    I believe Le Reve is Dragone's best work. The show morphs every performance. Apparently when it was first released, Elaine Wynn cried because it was so bad. It's come a long way since 2005, however. It's beautiful and graceful. There aren't as many amazing feats as some of the Cirque shows, but the flow is flawless and the story it tells is beautiful.

  • Greg N.

    Best Seating

    I can't think of any better seating plan then this theater has, no matter where you seat you sea the show without being irritated of someone's head front of you, 360 degrees seating shape makes a whole lot difference. To me, La Reve show is the second best show in its kind after its competitor "O", you should definetely see this show.

  • Greg N.

    LE REVE is very cool

    We have been to see many of the shows and so far the two you liked the best were O and LE RÊVE. They were amazing! LE RÊVE is very cool because your so close to the performers its fantastic!