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Legwarmers Show Las Vegas

at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino The Show is Currently Unavailable

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Who would ever think that the deranged mind behind Evil Dead the Musical Ultimate 4D experience would also be the creative genius behind an ‘80’s themed musical named Legwarmers. Sirc Michaels made his mark in Las Vegas with Evil Dead the Musical, but his latest production of Legwarmers is sure to show off his diverse directorial abilities. Combining the best of ‘80s dress and music along with elements of audience participation, Legwarmers is sure to stand out in the crowd of Las Vegas shows.

The first thing that needs to be known about Legwarmers is that this isn’t your typical Las Vegas experience. As is typical with Sirc Michaels, the show is an immersive experience that is likely to pull the audience back into the ‘80’s. Following the tale of three high school friends on the fun, albeit clichéd, quest of finding the girl that fits their needs, Legwarmers presents itself in a pseudo-musical fashion that borderlines a concert, leaving behind some of the norms you’d expect to come with a musical.

The true spirit of the ‘80’s comes through in the form of various musical talents from that era. The multi-talented cast belts out some all-too-familiar hits that include Video Killed the Radio Star, Whip It, 99 Red Balloons, and I Want you to Want me. With the very recognizable play list, Legwarmers aims to transport the audience back in time to the era of neon coloring, sweatbands, and, of course, leg warmers.

The nature of the show is to simply provide pure entertainment while immersing the audience in what could very well be relatable situations. Legwarmers provides a high energy performance that is ideal for any Las Vegas-based party. Whether traveling with a small group of friends or catering to a much larger affair, Legwarmers is the ideal experience. The fun-loving attitude of the cast and crew behind Legwarmers ensures that not one audience member leaves unsatisfied. With such a memorable and likeable cast, some may even find it impossible not to join in when the speakers start to blare Rock This Town, Power of Love, Ballroom Blitz, and Safety Dance.

Though Legwarmers may be far from your tradition Las Vegas musical, it has no problem standing up to those other main stage performances. The venue of the V Theater in Planet Hollywood keeps the experience far more intimate, allowing the audience and the cast to mingle throughout the night. Traveling to Las Vegas for an event, such as a bachelor / bachelorette party? Be sure to wear something that makes you stand out and you may find yourself pulled into the experience even further.

Legwarmers Las Vegas

Tickets for Legwarmers are pretty easy to procure, especially if you go through Exploring Las Vegas. Get the most out of your theatrical experience with the ease of use of Exploring Las Vegas’ convenient services.

If you’re looking to flashback to the ‘80s, don’t just pop in a copy of Pretty in Pink. Join Sirc Michaels and the cast of Legwarmers in a show that is sure to transport you through the ages, back to when CDs, DVDs, and MP3s were not even a thought.

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Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

Show Times

9:00 pm except Mondays


90 minutes (approx.)

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Family, Musical.

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The Show is Currently Unavailable

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