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Mesmerized show

Mesmerized Show

at V Theater at Planet Hollywood Closed

Mesmerized Show Overview

Lately shows in Las Vegas have been going interactive. By involving the audience, a certain degree of unpredictability comes into play. And with that unpredictability, anything goes. Such is the case with the hot show at Planet Hollywood Resort's V Theatre. Mesmerized is a show featuring hypnotist Marc Savard– who is also a bit of a comedian and definitely keeps audiences amused throughout his show. Savard is at least as gifted an actor as he is a hypnotist and it is that fact that sets this show apart from others of a similar nature. When Savard hypnotizes a subject, he is able to maintain a straight face while these ridiculous antics, of his own creating, mind you, go on around him. Rather than making himself the focus of attention, Savard lets the hypnotism take center stage, and as a result, the audience gets a wholly unique show each and every night.

The usual tricks are touted out for the audience's amusement – audience members hypnotized and told they're at a stripper audition, or the more original jock itch trick. Hey, this is Vegas. You get a side of raunch with your hypnosis in this city. We wouldn't have it any other way here in Sin City. Everything comes with a side of sex in our fair city. Savard dismisses his hypnotized subjects with the instruction to orgasm every time someone shakes their hand. See what I mean? This is why we love Las Vegas.

Mesmerized Show

This is not your grandmother's “you are feeling sleepy” "cluck like a chicken" type of hypnosis show. In Mesmerized, Savard heads straight for the silly and the sexy stuff. It sure makes things more interesting, not to mention unpredictable. In Mesmerized show, the volunteers from the audience are the stars of the show. Can't you just imagine your friend being called up on stage and told he (or she) is a porn star and that the blow up doll over there is their co-star? Let the hilarity ensue!

Of course it doesn't start off with the simulated sex. First Savard preps his volunteers and leads them through exercises such as making them believe they are in an orchestra and playing music. In a way, Savard's hypnosis is the best form of Improvisational theatre. You never know what you're going to get. Let exploringlasvegas.com make Mesmerized a part of your ultimate Vegas package. Contact us and you could soon find yourself being Mesmerized by Marc Savard at Planet Hollywood.

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  • Andrew N.

    I think it was a great show

    I think it was a great show. but I didn't see the whole thing because I was hyptnotised. Thought that it wasn't real. But it was I do not remember what I did but then remembered once my friends and or family got the dvd and showed me what has happened. I think that anyone who comes to vegas as a tourist and or local should see this show if they have not already seen it. It is wild and especially funny.