Our Rating:
Location: Mandalay Bay Hotel
Show Times: 8:00pm
Duration: 90 minutes (approx.)
Age restriction: Ages 13 and Up.
Nudity: No.
Genres: Concert.


mj one

Las Vegas has long been a city for entertainment and the place to go to see a unique and exciting live show. The most eclectic group of entertainers regularly perform in the city's top hotels, basically ensuring that everyone will find something they love, no matter what their tastes.

One of those hotels is, of course, Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino. This is a luxury hotel and casino with 43 floors containing more than three thousand rooms. There is also a convention center and an events center. The Theater at Mandalay Bay is a beautiful setting for a lovely show

Without question, Michael Jackson is one of the most well-known and liked entertainers of all time. His talent as a singer songwriter cannot be denied. Combine that with the undisputed talent of Cirque du Soleil, and you're bound to have a winner. And when the show occurs at such a lovely venue, who wouldn't want to buy tickets?

Michael Jackson ONE is a visually captivating performance that was created by Jamie King, an experienced concert director. King has the added distinction of being a one time backup dancer for Michael Jackson himself. The performance includes 60 performers and 26 scenes set to a backdrop of Jackson's greatest hits. The performance follows four people who have grown up off the beaten path. Throughout the course of the show, these characters each come to represent one of Michael Jackson's character traits. The end result is a nostalgic look at the life of a mysterious yet well-loved icon.

Michael Jackson ONE may be a little more relaxed than the typical Las Vegas show, but it more than makes up for it by bringing back precious memories from your younger years. When you buy tickets and see the show, you will be transported to a more innocent time. And who wouldn't want that?