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Night School for Girls

Night School 4 Girls Show Las Vegas

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Night School for Girls - Calm down guys, this one isn’t for your eyes, at least not yet. You can just sit at home and fantasize over what Night School for Girls really is about while the ladies in your lives go out and have themselves an evening out on the town. Truth be told, Night School for Girls is essentially for male entertainment, just not in the traditional sense. Taking cues from local strip clubs, Night School for Girls is an all gal romp where inhibitions go out the window the moment you step through the door. It’s an evening filled with sexually charged energy, which all finds itself focused around one central theme – keeping men interested.

Night School for Girls takes the intricacies of stripping and numbs it down a little bit so that the everyday girl can feel like she belongs on the main stage at Sapphire or Spearmint Rhino. Through an evening of entertainment, Night School for Girls allows you, the typically timid file clerk, to release the sexual beasts inside and dominate the pole with a confidence you didn’t even know existed. You’ll learn how to respect the stripper pole and learn the many intricacies that come with the impressive maneuvers you’ve seen real strippers perform.

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Going a step beyond a basic “Learn to be a Stripper” class, Night School for Girls also lets you open up completely to the idea of burlesque dancing. Burlesque, much like stripping, forces you to be completely open and confident in yourself, which will help you boost your confidence in the boudoirs with your man. You may not know it yet, but there’s a tigress inside of you just itching to get out and rip your man’s clothes to shreds each night. At Night School for Girls, you’ll learn to release that beast… and more.

Burlesque dancing is an art, much like pole dancing, and each move taught at Night School for Girls builds up to a routine that no amateur webcam striptease could ever match. You’ll learn that every curve of your body is a weapon just waiting to be released. Your man will never know what hit him when you saunter out in a brand new teddy and lay down some of the sexy, tantalizing moves you learned at Night School for Girls. You’ll find your confidence boosted and your man’s inability to keep his hands off of you will be an undeniable testament to what you’ve learned.

Night School for Girls Las Vegas

From learning how to climb a pole and dismount a stripper pole safely to knowing how to turn each move you make into something sexual, Night School for Girls is a well rounded experience that all girls can benefit from – especially those with those minor confidence issues in the bedroom. There’s no way that, with this set list of moves, you won’t feel like you can turn your man to putty with just one shake. Night School for Girls is designed to accommodate both newcomers and those with a little skill, allowing both the opportunity to learn and grow into their sexuality.

This is much more than just your basic Stripper 101 class. This is Night School for Girls. Ladies, if you’re interested in learning these super sexy techniques, contact Exploring Las Vegas today. Men, if you’re brazen enough, suggest Night School for Girls to your lady or be the “thoughtful” type and call Exploring Las Vegas and set up an evening out for her and her girlfriends. With Night School for Girls, everybody wins.

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Planet Hollywood

Show Times

8:00 pm


90 minutes (approx.)

Age restriction

Above 10+




Music, Pole Dance, Burlesque.

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