Paranormal - The Mindreading Magic

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Location: Bally's Las Vegas
Show Times: 8:00pm
Duration: 70 minutes (approx.)
Age restriction: Ages 5 and Up.
Nudity: No.
Genres: Magic Show.

Paranormal - The Mindreading Magic Show Overview


Illusion and magic are best experienced up close and personal. When you attend Paranormal - The Mindreading Magic Show at Bally s Las Vegas, you will be up front and get to see the talented and world-renowned Frederic Da Silva perform mind readings, magic, and hypnosis.

Da Silva is an international, award-winning mentalist, hypnotist, and magician. He has garnered the 2010 award of the Nostradamus d'Or and the 2011 European Championship of Magic. His real rise to stardom occurred when he appeared on TV show, France's Got Talent. That brought him to the attention of those in the know and the rest is history.

Spellbinding and Indescribable

The internationally known mentalist takes center stage at Bally s Hotel in the Paranormal Magic Show. The theater offers audience members an up-close and personal view of the stage. This makes the show an interactive experience that audience members will love.

Want to know more? Just ask Da Silva. Throughout the show,he predicts many things that leave audience members asking how he did it. What is in your pocket? What time are you thinking about? What word did you randomly select out of a book? What is the name of the person you are thinking about? These are all questions that Da Silva will answer during the show.

Audience members love the interactions with Frederic both during the show and after. He meets with the audience after the show, doing a few magic tricks, taking pictures, and just enjoying the experience. One thing most audience members mention is that they have no idea how he does it. Some go back multiple times to try and figure it out. It only makes them more awe-struck.

You can get regular seating or go with the VIP option. Either way, you are going to have a fantastic time. This show is perfect for people of all ages, so bring the kids. They will want to see more and will love the chance to meet Frederic after the show ends.

Enjoy your trip into the world of magic and illusion when you take in the talent of Frederic Da Silva at Paranormal - The Mindreading Magic Show at Bally’s.