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The Price is Right show

The Price is Right Show

at Bally's Hotel : 3645 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV, 89109. Closed

The Price is Right Show Overview

Bob Barker may not be there to host the legendary game show he made famous, but Bally's certainly does not mind playing host to one of the longest running and most popular game shows of all time, The Price is Right. Located at the Jubilee Theater at Bally's Las Vegas, The Price is Right is just like the TV game show without the tape recording of the performance.

In no time you will be able to “Come on Down” to play The Price is Right. All of your favorite games are available for you to play. The live audience is just waiting to be chosen and to compete against you for a chance to spin the wheel and ultimately, play for the big end prize, just like on the show. Before then, you have the opportunity to win a new car, vacation, or another excellent prize.

The Price is Right Show

The games you may get the opportunity to play include In the Bag, Race Game, Plinko, Hole-in-One, The Big Wheel, Cliffhanger, and the Showcase Showdown. How can you resist stopping by at Bally's to play the live, staged version of The Price is Right? You might miss out, on all the fun otherwise. The Price is Right will allow you the chance to win a prize and show just how skilled you are.

Performances of, The Price is Right start at 2:30 PM from Tuesday to Thursday as well as on Saturday. There are also two shows on Friday, one at 7:30 PM and another at 10:30 PM. The theater is dark on Mondays and Sundays. You must be at least 21 years of age if you wish to play The Price is Right. Plan to arrive at the theater 30-45 minutes prior to the start of the show so you can register. The registration process begins as early as two hours prior to a show.

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Bally's Hotel : 3645 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV, 89109.


Stage show.

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The Price is Right Show Reviews

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  • Perry C.

    what a crock and a waste of money

    What a crock and a waste of money and the rudest employees that we ever dreamed to see . It's a scam and they WILL run your credit card for more than they tell you . They will also tell you UPFRONT no refunds , now I see why . The cheeziest prizes you would ever guess , now take one thousands seats , multiply that times 50 bucks and multiply that times 22 days a month , then you will see why Harrahs is behind this deceptive scam .. save your money and report to cnn , WE need to let the public know about this together .

  • Donna S.


    Very disapointed in how the show is played. If you get the tickets for FREE then go but if not don't waste your good money. Not played at all like the actual show.

  • Cat C.


    Please do not waste your time or money going to see this terrible show. At best it seems as though it is a high school play. At worst it defiles the greatest game show of all time with its white-elephant Christmas prizes that you could find in a dumpster. Not only does it suck all life out of the crowd by turning over loser after loser-there really is no showcase showdown because they make it nearly impossible to win. Combined with the poor atmosphere of Bally's where they try and sell timeshares as soon as you walk in the show will leave you feeling bad and guilty for spending the money for months. A negative star rating would be appropriate. Take your $100 and go have a great dinner instead like we should have done.

  • Amy T.

    It's great

    We loved The Price Is Right Live! It's great that everyone has an equal chance of being chosen. And it's fun just playing along -- the whole audience participates. Familiar games, including Plinko. Worth every penny.

  • Kim D.

    Not what I expected

    My son and I went to Vegas in March 2012. We thought it would be fun to see The Price Is Right. It cost like $50 and really wasn't like the show at all. The prizes sucked. The only person that won anything was a lady doing plinko. The show case showdowns were a joke. Nobody won. How can a car, a computer, & 2 trips & something else only cost $16,000? Joey Fatone was the host and though he did a good job at it, he really disappointed me at the end when it was time to take pictures with the cast. The announcer and models were there but no Joey. Why would we want to spend $20 extra dollars to take a picture with people we don't know of. It was a big rip off! Very disappointed in the whole experience and I would not recommend it. Go see the real show in Burbank. & for free! I wonder if I can get my money back!

  • tom L.

    the price is right

    very entertaining show, didnt get called down but still had a blast will see it again next time there