Tony N' Tina's Wedding

Tony N' Tina's Wedding

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Kids Friendly:
Location: Planet Hollywood Hotel
Show Times: Nightly 7:00PM and (7:30PM on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
Duration: 90 minutes (approx.)
Age restriction: Yes, 18 and up.
Nudity: No
Genres: Broadview.

Tony N' Tina's Wedding Overview

Take a trip to see the longest running comedy show of all time, "Tony N' Tina's Wedding". This show originally opened in NYC on February 14, 1988, which was the perfect day for love. Since then, "Tony N' Tina's Wedding", has become a smash hit having won over audiences from across the world. The show has become popular in numerous cities from LA to NYC and in Japan, Europe, and Australia.

This interactive show was simply perfect for the Las Vegas stage. When you attend Tony N' Tina's Wedding, you get the chance to play the part of Tony and Tina's friends and family who are attending their impending nuptials. If you have ever been to a wedding before attending "Tony N' Tina's Wedding", then you have played this same role. It should be a piece of cake, only you may end up having more fun then you have had at any other wedding.

Tony N Tina Wedding Show Las

Tony and Tina's families are two different and very distinct groups. It does not matter where you are from the fantasy aspect of this unique show will have you believing you are who you are pretending to be for the evening. At "Tony N' Tina's Wedding", you get the chance to dance, eat, drink, and have fun as if you would at any other wedding. You will get to converse with all of the other guests as you are all swept up in this whirlwind adventure of a show

The price for your ticket will include the "Tony N' Tina's Wedding" show as well as dancing and dinner. Your menu will vary based on the day you attend. The band that performs at the wedding is Donnie Dolce and the Fusion. This band is popular and famous across the world so you are bound to have an excellent time at "Tony N' Tina's Wedding". You can join in the festivities at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, which is home to "Tony N' Tina's Wedding".

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