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Zarkana las vegas show


at Aria Resort & Casino

Zarkana Overview

Cirque du Soleil may have a monopoly going throughout the Las Vegas Strip, but it’s one that not many people would be willing to complain about. Known for its ability to put together a show worthy of the continuous massive audience, a Cirque production is typically top-of-the-line Vegas material; and while Sin City is bound to mystify its tourists outside of the theater, the Cirque du Soleil troupe can more than match what the city has to offer. Joining the somewhat long list of Cirque productions in November of 2012 is Zarkana, a rock opera that has toured the world before finding residency at the Aria hotel and casino. Following the unfortunate tale of a magician who, due to the loss of his love, has lost his magic, Zarkana is a madcap adventure that turns one man’s misfortunate into an adventure in an unknown world with unexplainable creatures and an abundance of mysticism.

Surrounded by a veritable cast of characters that only a Cirque production could produce, the magician, Zark, finds himself in the midst of an assortment of acrobats and artists. Once the story kicks into gear, Zarkana takes on more of a “variety act” style with each performance outdoing the previous tenfold. In one segment, Zark will be in the midst of an acrobatics act of an abundance of trapeze artists which could be followed by one of the show’s artists participating in a bit of sand painting. In Zarkana, the wonder stretches far beyond the death defying acts; it’s about how the show mingles everything together to create the experience.

Zarkana Vegas

While the performers are masters of their physical craft, they were also chosen for their ability to keep the “rock opera” aspect of the show alive. Though your eyes may find pleasure in watching the show unfold in front of you, the true pleasure comes from the musical aspects of the performance. How a show could be so well rounded in every aspect of entertainment is a feat that only the Cirque du Soleil production company could dream up.

It may seem like a waste to spend a portion of your night sitting in a theater when you could be out and about exploring Las Vegas, but a show like Zarkana is the perfect thing to experience if you want a taste of Vegas. The sheer brilliance of the show mixed with the high production value is a clear representation of what Las Vegas is all about. To book ahead and get your tickets for the next showing, the staff at ExploringLasVegas.com is as helpful and attentive as any and get you set up for the ideal night on the town, topped with an evening of Zarkana.

Cirque du Soleil constantly delivers on its promise for a show mixed with a plethora of wonders and amazement, and Zarkana is no exception to the rule. With the praise it received on its world tour, Zarkana’s residency in Las Vegas is sure to be a lengthy and successful one.

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Aria Resort & Casino

Show Times

Friday - Tuesday 7:00PM & 9:30PM


90 minutes (approx.)

Age restriction

Minimum age is 5 years old.




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