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speartmint rhino

Nothing quite says "Vegas, baby!" than the allure of visiting one of its many gentlemen's clubs with your guys (or gals, let's be honest).

From the famously infamous Vegas branch of Spearmint Rhino to the largest adult playground, Sapphire Las Vegas, and everything in between, you're going to want to know your options for visiting Vegas' world-class strip club venues before your big trip. We work with all the strip joints in town and even have a roster of Las Vegas Nude Clubs and a Strip Club Crawl to check out more then one Sin City Gentleman’s Club. Here's some things you might want to know when booking your strip club plans!

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sapphire stripper

Contrary to popular belief, if you've never been to a strip club in Las Vegas before, most of the top gentleman’s clubs are TOPLESS ONLY, not fully nude.

That's not to say that fully nude clubs don't exist in Vegas: Little Darlings, Diamond Cabaret, and Talk of the Town are 18 and older strip clubs that do not serve alcohol, and Palomino is the only 21+ fully nude strip club in the Vegas Valley that does serve alcohol. Most of the best talent and the best venues (and the closest ones to the Strip) can be found working at the topless-only bars.


treasures stripclub

Everybody walking into a strip club will have to pay a cover fee, even if you book a reservation. However, if you showed up at the strip club without making a booking, you're paying about the same amount – or even more, since the club can charge whatever they want at the door – to enter the club as you would with one of our basic packages without any of the extra perks.

All of our packages include VIP transportation to pick you up from the hotel of your choice (the vehicle is provided by the club; unfortunately, you can't choose which kind), VIP expedited entry on arrival, and in most cases, two free drinks per guest for what you would've paid just showing up on your own (and usually, even cheaper than what door cover is).


no uber

If you made the right decision and made a reservation with us for the strip club, make sure you only use the vehicle we send from the venue to pick you up. Rideshare and taxi drivers are all paid a referral fee or a "kickback" for bringing customers to the strip clubs. Because the club is now having to pay someone out for your business, the savings you would've gotten via the package you booked with us is now null and void.

All customers arriving in non-designated vehicles are treated as walk-in guests, and any extra perks are no longer available to you.

THE Las Vegas Strippers a.k.a. the DANCERS

ev stripper booty

Ahh…this is the part you've been waiting for. The lovely Las Vegas Strippers that work the poles of Las Vegas are going to be some of the hottest, most exotic Vegas girls in the world – and they're here for you.

Typically, a lot of the best talent can be found at the most popular strip clubs – Peppermint Hippo, Rhino, Sapphire, Crazy Horse 3, among a few others – as club managements typically only select the best girls to dance at their clubs.

Be warned: Any stripper that you meet at these clubs is an independent professional hustler – they are there to make their money, and they are going to say and do anything to part you from yours, and you're going to get a hell of a show while it's happening.

peppermint hippo stripper

Every dancer has to pay a "house fee" to the club every night before she's even able to get on the floor, which means that all of them start off in the red – in short, they're going to be aggressively pushing themselves on you and your guys to try and turn those losses into gains.

Their business model is simple: while out on the main floor, they're going to try and lure you in with a $20 one-song lap dance, hoping to entice you just enough to make you want to take them back to the VIP rooms, where they can start charging all sorts of crazy numbers to their now-captive audience.

Here's what you should know: if you decide to take a girl back to the VIP room (it's really just a small booth with a curtain), prices are negotiable. Aside from the amount the club charges the girls to have someone inside those booths, she sets her own prices on what she wants to charge customers she brings back there – so you can definitely try and haggle!

For more information about the do's and don'ts of what to do at a strip club, please visit our complete guide on strip club etiquette in which I explain the "funnel system" and the costs involved in detail.


Planning a bachelor party in Las Vegas? While planning your strip club jaunt is certainly a big item to have on the list, it's not the only thing to do in Vegas! Keep in mind many of these strip clubs stay open for 24 hours or until 6, 7, or even 8 AM on the weekends, making them a great spot for after hours in Vegas. For more information about bachelor party activities, check out our guide and packages.

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Las Vegas is the ultimate adult playground, from strip clubs, sex clubs, and swingers clubs to X-rates shows, Las Vegas male revues, and more. Topless and fully nude strip clubs, a.k.a. gentlemen's clubs, with their coveted roster of beautiful and talented women, are the most popular and profitable clubs in Vegas, but they are not all created equal. If you are not a strip club expert, how do you know which one to choose? At Exploring Las Vegas, we have rated the Top 15 for 2024.


ev spearmintrhino

The Las Vegas location of this popular gentlemen's club chain has been a noted hub for some of the hottest entertainers in Sin City for years and is one of the most sought-after strip clubs for visitors. Notorious for having strictly high standards for the girls they put on their floor, you can expect to fall in love with a stripper at Speartmint Rhino. (Also, try their chicken fingers – thank me later!). The Rhino is number one for good reason, top-tier talent, reliable transportation, and a great 2 drink, ride, and entry deal!

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ev sapphire girl2

The World's Largest Strip Club certainly lives up to its name, housing not only its gentlemen's club but also has a topless day club, Sapphire Pool. Sapphire is (possibly) the most-requested venue on this list, for one reason, and that is the roster of 400 plus Vegas Strippers that must pass a rigorous screening process to work here. The entertainers are aggressive here, mainly because the competition is intense on the floor, and the dancers “need to pay rent.” So come enjoy our reduced $20 entry deal (usually $50) and be prepared to be bombarded with some of the best talent in the world and ask us about the famous Las Vegas Pool party.

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ev ch3

Crazy Horse III takes our #3 spot for best strip clubs in Vegas, though one could make a case for any of the other venues. CH3 (as it is known locally) is the epitome of a premiere Vegas gentlemen's club – from its gaudy front entrance (that has a CH3-themed backdrop set up for guests to take pictures) and its secret VIP back entrance (for high rollers) to the high-end entertainers that take its stages nightly, Crazy Horse III will surely not disappoint. Expect 200 plus ladies on the floor on a weekend night and about 100 plus during the weekdays. The entertainers are exotic, expect all nationalities, tattoos, big tits, and some big booties, you will find what you are looking for at CH3.

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ev treasures mainroom

All class, Treasures Las Vegas brings a unique level of luxury to the gentlemen's club scene in Sin City. With a rousing roster of entertainers ready to cater to its guests' every need available each night, Treasures definitely earns its spot on this list as one of the strip clubs you need to check out on your next visit. The roster leans a bit Asian and Urban, however there is a nice mix or A-listers, B-listers, and even a handful of C-listers to entertain and pole dance on the main stage.

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Peppermint Hippo

stripper peppermint hippo

Peppermint Hippo is the new kid on the strip club block, opening its doors on April 2, 2022. Some of you might be familiar with its location; it occupies the land where the world-famous but now defunct Olympic Gardens (OG’s) used to be before it abruptly closed in April 2016.

Founder and CEO Alan Chang, who started as a host in the Las Vegas nightlife industry, is the owner of this brand-new club. Known for “acquiring and rebuilding Las Vegas nightclubs),” Chang’s other locations include Reno, Nevada; Little Rock, Arkansas; Neenah, Wisconsin; and Akron, Ohio. If you think Peppermint Hippo is somehow related to Spearmint Rhino gentlemen’s club, you would be correct, sort of. Chang used to be the Director of Business Development for Spearmint Rhino, and “Peppermint Hippo” is a play on words. Fans of the famous animated series, South Park, will remember that the Peppermint Hippo is a strip club located in South Park.

So, what can you expect from a club called Peppermint Hippo? Chang spared no expense. At a cost of over $5 million, this beautiful, state-of-the-art gentlemen’s club spans 27,000 square feet, claims it offers “The Finest Entertainment on the Las Vegas Strip,” provides entertainment 24/7, and is conveniently located on the north end of the Strip near Downtown. It has a ton of amenities – a podcast studio, a speakeasy, valet parking, plenty of table and booth seating, stage side seating, private dances, bottle service, a DJ spinning a mix of music that includes Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, House, and EDM, and the ultimate photo op with their 888-pound stainless-steel hippo named Pepper.

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ev hustler honey

From the same company that brought you Hustler Magazine comes a scene that could be described as one of its iconic centerfolds brought to life. Perhaps the most visible gentlemen's club (located off the I-15S freeway) for visitors just getting into town, Hustler and its Honeys are waiting for you to meet them! On the weekends you will find 150 to 200 entertainers on the 1st and 2nd floor and around 100 sexy dancers on the weekends. Hustler Club is also home to one of the few after-hours parties in Vegas, the famous one being, Terrace Afterhours, a tech house rooftop club that is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 2 AM to 8 AM.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler also has a male strip club called the Kings of Hustler which is open Thursday to Sunday from 9 PM until 2AM.

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ev palominos girl

While the big topless bars grab all the attention right off the Vegas Strip, there is little debate as to who holds the crown as Las Vegas' best 21+ fully nude strip club. Palomino’s selection of entertainers + full nudity + booze = awesome. The Palomino Club has a grandfathered license that allows them to have full nude dancers and serve alcohol. We like to call this the unicorn club in Sin City. The only negative is the club is bit north about 20 minutes north of the main strip and about 10 min north of Fremont Street. Usually, to secure a complimentary house transportation, we recommend a cheap bottle package.

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scores las vegas dancer

Scores Las Vegas is a mid-sized gentlemen's club in the middle of the city with giant-sized value. With a plush, luxurious interior, a great-looking group of entertainers, and a top-notch hookah lounge on its premises, Scores is the perfect place to go – whether it's to get a lap dance or catch a game, you will find the talent at this freshly expanded club to be very diverse. You can expect to see a handful of top-tier dancers, and the majority of the roster will be mid-level, with a handful of C-listers. On the weekend expect 100 or more ladies on the floor and 50 plus on the weekdays.

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ev sophias club

Sophia's Vegas is one of the newer additions to the gentlemen's club market in Vegas, brought to you by the same management team who brought Sin City the (now-closed) Olympic Gardens. This 17,000 square-foot adult playground is a smaller venue than many of its contemporaries but makes up for it with its talented entertainers available 24/7. On the weekends you can expect 100 plus entertainers and on week days 50-75 dancers on the floor.

The majority of the roster will be mid-level, with a handful of C-listers and a few A-listers, we like the diversity at this venue.

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ev centerfolds waitresses

Spacious and eye-catching, Centerfolds Las Vegas is one of the most easily accessible gentlemen's clubs in the city, sitting right across the new Virgin Hotel & Casino (formerly the Hard Rock) just behind the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. Combined with its scintillating and sensual performers, Centerfolds Cabaret is the perfect mixture of convenience and quality. What’s unique about this Cabaret is the amazing burlesque show at 11 PM on Tuesdays to Sundays. Although you won’t find 100’s of dancers here, the overall quality is high and diverse. You can expect 50-75 ladies on the floor on the weekends and 25-50 on weekdays.

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the library strip club

The Library is a rebrand of the infamous Cheetah’s Strip Club and billed as “Las Vegas’ “hottest boutique strip club.” This newly renovated upscale interior promises a much more modern and luxurious gentlemen’s club experience than before. It includes a full-service bar, premier bottle service, and some of the sexiest, entertainers in town. The Library now offers alcohol. In Las Vegas, fully nude clubs are prohibited by law from carrying alcoholic beverages, but The Library went back to topless in the fall of 2022.

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ev little darlings

Little Darlings is possibly the city's most well-known 18+ fully nude strip club and continues to be a destination for locals and visitors alike. Featuring hundreds of entertainers and adult film star appearances throughout its lifetime, Little D's has been – and continues to be – the best 18+ strip club in Las Vegas. Management is known for funny slogans on the infamous interstate 15 billboard with comments like “100s of hot girls and a few ugly ones” and most of the time the hilarious comments are spot on. Little D’s is loaded with young talent, full nude, and always busy.

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Diamond Cabaret

diamond cabaret

Diamond Cabaret is an intimate venue conveniently located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. It bills itself as "the only gentlemen's club in Las Vegas with an ultra-premier Hookah smoking lounge featuring over 60 unique flavors." Here you will find a diverse selection of hundreds of fully nude, sexy entertainers who will show you a good time. The club also offers lap dances; stage dancing complete with three poles; lush, plush, comfortable seating; high-energy DJs spinning a mix of music; and convenient and complimentary parking.

Even though fully nude clubs are not allowed to serve alcohol by law, Diamond Cabaret is a hotspot for a guy's night out and bachelor parties. Ladies are also welcome. For those looking for an up-close, personal, and private experience, you will find it in one of the club's exclusive VIP areas. Make sure you bring some money, if you want to see it all, you have to pay for it! While this place is not cheap, you do get what you pay for; quality, talented girls in an upscale atmosphere.

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Déjà vu Showgirls

ev deja vu

Once upon a time, Déjà Vu carved out a strong niche for itself as Little Darlings' biggest competitor in the 18+ market. Now a 21+ topless club, it is firmly in the middle tier of all Vegas strip clubs. Still, this award-winning, classy club draws a good crowd and appeals to individuals, couples, and groups celebrating bachelor and bachelorette parties.

It features a full-service bar, VIP bottle service, several stages positioned up close for your viewing pleasure, lots of striptease and lap dances, live DJs spinning a mix of music, and a fun atmosphere for watching big sporting events.

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girl collection stripper

Girl Collection, best known as “Floyd Mayweather’s Club.” Since its opening in 2017, it has met with controversy and complaints and garnered a hit-or-miss reputation with the guests. On a positive note, this 6,000 square feet topless club offers an upscale atmosphere, stunning stripper-tainers hand selected by the champ himself, a main room with three stages, stripper poles, and a VIP section, plus a private room featuring first-class amenities for private celebrations, R&B and Hip Hop music, and an extensive food and beverage menu. Expect to see Mayweather himself and some other famous people.

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Vegas Strip Club Honorable Mentions:

Club Platinum

entertainer club platinum

Club Platinum Las Vegas, located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, bills itself as "the most relaxing and affordable topless club in Las Vegas!" It offers a full-service bar, no cover charge, a cozy atmosphere, and an intimate setting, and it is well known for having gorgeous, talented, and topless dancers, low drink prices, and friendly service. Fun Fact: Club Platinum was featured on an episode of Jon Taffer's "Bar Rescue."

Talk of the Town

ev talk of the town

If you want to check out a place where they “bare” it all, Talk of the Town is a fully nude 18+ gentlemen’s club. The trade-off, at all 18+ strip clubs in Sin City, alcohol cannot be brought into the club, and it is not served at the club, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time! Just get your buzz on before you get there.

Chicas Bonitas

Chicas bonitas stripper

Chicas Bonitas, located about 20 minutes from the Strip, is the only Latin strip club in Las Vegas. It boasts a roster of the city's sexiest Latin and American entertainers, a full-service bar, drink specials, VIP bottle service, a mouthwatering menu, a high-energy vibe, private dances, and lots of lap dances.

El Infierno

strip club el infierno

The infamous old Seamless Las Vegas venue is back as the Latin club El Infierno. Management wants to make this topless strip club into a Latin nightclub, gentleman’s club, and afterhours all in one. Time will tell if this once legendary space next to the Orleans Hotel will be able to compete with the current established parties in town.

Wet Afterhours

wet afterhours vegas

When you combine Girl Collection and Drai’s Afterhours into one you get the primarily urban, Wet Afterhours Las Vegas. The management team brings in talent from all over the U.S. to host and expect to see some mid-level hip hop artists and DJs performing and spinning.

The main manager is from Chicago and used to run promotions for Club Ocean and knows how to throw a party from years of experience working with him. Expect some hot chocolate strippers, some late nights, and a good ass party.

Honeys Las Vegas

honeys las vegas

Management put up a Honeys Las Vegas sign, an awning, and painted the place and now the venue sits dormant. This is the old Legends Room crypto strip club from 2018 before crypto crashed, now then venue appears to be ready to re-open and nothing has happened for years. We are curious to see what is the issue???


bachelorette vegas sign

Unfortunately, most strip clubs that only have female dancers aren't too friendly with all-female and bachelorette groups, and some won't even allow those groups in. Ladies can come watch the female dancers if they come with guys in their group. For example, if you are all coming from a nightclub after a night of dancing.

For our lady friends who want to enjoy the strip club ambiance, I recommend checking out our guides on Male Revues and Male Strip Clubs for our top recommendations.


Kings of Hustler

ev kings of hustler promo

Every weekend, the notorious Kings of Hustler take over the catwalks of the Hustler Club, ready to wow their next audience. Turn up the heat on your next Vegas visit with these handsome hunks!

Billed as "Las Vegas' #1 Strip Club," Kings of Hustler is the perfect place for a birthday celebration, a girl's night out, or a bachelorette party. Located minutes from the Strip, this all-male revue will exceed your expectations and fulfill your fantasies. The showroom is complete with comfortable seating, state-of-the-art lighting and sound, and unparalleled views of the Vegas skyline. These Hustler Hunks are a diverse group, so there is something for everyone at this strip club! Consider getting on of the strippers on a party bus.

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Exploring Las Vegas Strip Club Final Word

hustler club stippers

Like everything else in Vegas, if you're interested in attending a strip club, you're more than welcome to just show up at their door and pay full price for everything…or you could do the smart thing and consult with professionals at Exploring Las Vegas to make sure you get the best experience possible.

If you love and appreciate the curvaceous female form, need a break from the traditional nightclubs, or looking for a fun and unconventional spot to celebrate a special occasion or a well-deserved night out, one of our 15 Sin City strip clubs will not disappoint! We can also set up one of the female strippers on a party bus if you would like a little more private entertainment.

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in giving you a little bit of an insight into the world of Vegas nightlife! Ready to get your weekend started?

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