Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town Vegas 

Location: 1238 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Hours of Operation: Daily 4 PM – 4 AM
Rating: 2.7 stars 

The Short Version

  • 18+ fully nude strip club
  • No alcohol served
  • Doubles as an adult toy and sex shop
  • Low-key, low-pressure, and very inexpensive (for Vegas)
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Talk of the Town is one of only a few fully nude gentlemen's club that is 18+. Except for the Palomino Club, all fully nude venues in Las Vegas are not allowed to serve alcohol.

Located somewhat in the downtown area of the Las Vegas Strip, Talk of the Town has a grittier feel, rather than the glitz and glamor of what we are accustomed to associating with Vegas strip clubs.

Much more subdued than the other strip clubs in Las Vegas, Talk of the Town feels more like a local tavern where some girls just happen to get naked and dance on a pole. Prices are extremely reasonable, there isn't any pressure from the girls to get dances, and there seems to be much more casual conversation being had than you would typically see at a regular Vegas strip club.

Oh, and the club markets itself by having its dancers take turns outside of the establishment (where there are sculptures and retro cars on display) on a swing set – like a literal playground swing – to advertise their services to passers-by. The talk also had a cameo appearance in world famous movie The Hangover. Check out the movie trailer about 1.25 in!

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What's the Cost of Entry for Talk of the Town?

Entry is pretty cheap; expect around $15/person to enter. We have a couple on Non-Alcoholic and Entry deals for a very reasonable price.

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How much are dances at Talk of the Town?

Single song dances are only $10, and private rooms generally run about $200 (+ tip). They also have a “Shower Room” which can be a nice value for a private experience.

Because there is no alcohol served, I strongly recommend using some of our all-you-can-drink packages before going to maximize your experience.

Vegas Strippers ⚠️ Warning!


At this point, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “This seems too easy. Where’s the catch?” After all, we’ve already offered you free transportation, free drinks on a reduced entry package.

The catch is, once you enter the venue, it is now the dancers’ goal to try and upsell you and get you to spend the most money. A typical one-song lap dance costs about $20, and from there, expect that they will try to get you to book a VIP Room with them ($100+ for about 3 songs). The phrase “falling in love with a stripper” is a real and potentially very expensive thing, and I would recommend trying to remember that before you buy your first dance.

Want to learn more about how strip clubs work internally? Visit our strip club etiquette guide  for a deeper dive!  

Bachelor Parties at The Talk of The Town

No Vegas bachelor party is complete without a visit to its famous (or infamous) strip clubs. Feast your eyes on some of the hottest women in the city, and our goal is to make your "last hurrah" your best hurrah. Check out our bachelor packages below!

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Bachelorette Parties

Ladies, you are more than welcome to book a reservation to Talk of the Town (unlike some other clubs that don't allow groups of all ladies to attend) if you would like to see some female strippers.

If you are looking for male entertainment, be sure to visit our male revue and male strip club sections!

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Vegas Strip Club Tips

The Service Staff

The girls walking around not in underwear are cocktail servers and bartenders. They are gorgeous, yes, but please do not ask them for a dance.

The Dancers


With a roster of dozens of some of the most beautiful Vegas Strippers you will ever see at any given time; you can be sure that you will be able to find someone that piques your interest and can make your whole night. Just make sure you bring some cash to get a dance from your perfect girl.

Also, just so you're aware: the Vegas girls pay the club a fee to dance at the venue, called a "house fee." This means that the girls are already in the hole before they even start their shift, and whenever they talk to you, that takes time – and time is money. Expect to tip or buy a dance if you want to get a girl's attention.

Sporting Events and Big Games

Strip clubs are insanely popular whenever a sporting event occurs – like the Super Bowl, or a big boxing match, or even just Monday Night Football – and there will usually be a themed event at the club to match with special deals all around, and oftentimes there's even a delicious buffet for guests.

For the big events – like the Super Bowl – make sure you have a reservation and come early because those events typically sell out completely.

ATMs at The Clubs

Strip clubs usually have their own ATMs inside the venue (these ladies only take cash, fellas), but I highly suggest stopping at one before coming because the fees are ridiculous. Expect as much as $20 to make a withdrawal at one of these ATMs!

What is the Dress Code?

Talk of the Town has a very relaxed dress code – that is to say, there really isn't one – but general going out attire should be adhered to. General dress code in Vegas dictates no tank tops, no shorts, and no sandals – this especially applies to those who want to hit another venue afterward.

Talk of The Town Gentlemen’s Club Security

Before entry, all guests are required to turn out their pockets (for ladies, they will ask to look in your purse) and submit to a metal detector test to make sure everyone entering is not bringing in anything dangerous – it's almost like going through the TSA line at the airport. This applies to all guests, whether you're going in with a table or general admission.

It is important to note that while the security staff is there to help make your experience great, they’re also there to protect the girls from unwanted advances.

Please do not touch the dancers; the dancers are allowed to do touch you when they’re giving you a dance, but security will give you a warning if you’re touching the girls inappropriately.

Pro Tip: If you purchased a table and some unwanted people wander in on accident, it is always best to have the security staff ask them to leave instead of doing it yourself to avoid potential altercations. In the event of a confrontation between guests, it is very likely that both parties may be asked to leave, and security has the final say on such matters.

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