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Spearmint Rhino Strip Club las vegas

Spearmint Rhino Strip Club

Spearmint Rhino Strip Club Las Vegas

Club spearmint-rhino

Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas is a posh gentleman's club. In fact, it is such a good time that Spearmint Rhino is consistently voted to be the best bachelor party destination in Las Vegas. Any club with 20,000 square feet of space and hundreds of beautiful ladies is bound to be a good time. And if you want to turn the fun up a notch, you can get bottle service. Even if you decide to forgo bottle service, you will never be far from one of the several fully stocked bars on the premises.

As a club that serves alcohol, dancers are topless, but not nude. If you want a little bit more, lap dances and VIP services are available. All that is not 100% necessary, though. The spirit and athleticism of Spearmint Rhino ladies is spectacular, and will keep you hooked even if you just watch the stage from your seat.

spearmint-rhino Las Vegas

VIP treatment is standard for all guests at Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas. Patrons at the Spearmint Rhino are treated to complimentary admission when they use the club's free limo service to leave their hotel and go to the club. What more could you ask for?

If you want some of the best gentlemen's club action in Vegas, Spearmint Rhino is a must-see. Call them up today to arrange every aspect of your visit.

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rating 4

Dress Code

No baggy jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, work boots or hats


Rock, classic rock, house and hip-hop


3340 South Highland Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109


Open daily, 24 hours

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Local Night

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Spearmint Rhino Strip Club Reviews

Overall Rating: based on 8 reviews
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  • Pattie P.

    had a blast

    I went to Vegas last December with a male friend and we had a blast. He had been to the Spearmint Rhino many times before and assured me if I went with him I would be completely comfortable and would have fun. He was right, as a woman I was slightly aprehensive but the ladies there made me feel welcome and this place was so clean and beautiful! The women are gorgeous, they all look as if they just stepped out of Vogue! This is a great time and a MUST SEE when traveling to "Sin City"... ;)

  • Mike K.

    I was really disappointed

    I gotta say that I was really disappointed after spending an evening at Spearmint Rhino. The club was so crouded (and yes it is 20,000 square feet) that you couldn't even move let alone find a seat. I got two of the dance packages because I wanted to see what you get for the money. The $100 package is good for 3 songs and wasn't all that great. The $200 half hour package was better. Although they hit you for a $15 drink charge as soon as you get back there. Both packages allowed touching which was nice. I was there on a Friday night and unless you like a club that is PACKED I wouldn't recommend it.

  • A DAD W.


    This club and many like it exploits young women who work flesh pits to help pay for drug habits, a pimps percentage, or a fatherless baby. This club takes 80 bucks out of the 200 earned for the 30 min. package. I WILL BE COMING TO GET MY GIRL AND I HOPE ALL GOES WELL FOR THOSE WHO WILL BE JOINING ME. A very upset Dad

  • Allen K.

    I love this place

    I visited the Las Vegas location in January. I have been to strip clubs all over the world and must say that I was pleasantly surprised. The girls were outrageously beautiful and very friendly, and not just because they were getting paid to be friendly either. My firends and I had a great time and will definitely be back on our next visit to Vegas.

  • Manni Q.

    I used to work for the Spearmint Rhino

    Good review written by Rhino employees: I would not say all but most of the great reviews you read about or see here are written by the Spearmint Rhino employees. When the clubs is slow, the managers or the cashiers BLOGS or going onto review site and write about the experience.

    Complain about Cashier tipping: When I was at the Rhino, the darn cashiers up front keep pressuring me to tip them. I told one of the girls why should I tip you when you don't do crab for me nor do you show me any skin whereas the strippers in the back do for the tips. She told me don't be an a-hole and get lost. What a B***H! Also, the cashiers go through your stuffs (coats, bags, etc.). When you first enter the Spearmint Rhino, make sure you double-checked your stuffs if you are going to check-in anything. The cashiers up front will take your jacket, bags, etc. and they will go through the pockets or bag to see if there is any money left in there. If so, they just pocket it. The cashiers tend to short-change you as well. Make sure you count your changed money again. When you walk up to the cage in the back and change your $50 or $100 bill for $5s or $1s, the cashier sometime will give you back less than what you suppose to get and then pocket the money for themselves.

    Bank machine charges 15%: When you go to the Spearmint Rhino, remember to go to the bank first and get your cash. If not, you will have to pay a hefty 15% of the total amount you withdraw from their cash machine.

    Get drugged inside the VIP Room: If you are deep pocket or a high roller and decide to go into the VIP room where you have to pay $400 up front and then there is bottle service, be ware. Now what I am about to say does not happen all the time but it does happen. A lot of the time, when you are at a strip club, you are wasted. When inside the VIP room, some of the veteran girls will drug you. The more wasted you are, the more they will get you to commit to more money. You will sign off on credit card bills and tips as you don't know what you are doing due to being drunk and drugged. Here is the sick part to it. If you go in there will your girlfriend or wife, they will try and drug her first as they want her out of the way so they can get you to do stupid things when you noticed your date is out cold. Noticed I used the term "they." That is because it happens a lot easier when they tag team you. In other words, there are multiple dancers to distract you and your date.

    Inaccurate signature and finger print on your credit card bill: Those of you who goes into the VIP room and come out drunk or don't remember what happen the next day, you should double-checked your credit card bill and receipt or contest the bill with your credit card company. Here is what happens most of the time. When you are completely drunk, it's the Host's and Dancers' job to get you to drink and much as possible. The more you drink, the more you will spend and the more you will not know what is going on or what you sign off on in term of your bills. Noticed I wrote bills instead of bill? That is because the host will continue to fill out the credit card slips and have you sign off on it. Here is the important part. If the host feels that you are completely drunk and don't know what is going on, they will sign the credit card slip and put their finger print on it. They will try and mimic the signature on your ID as you have to give them your ID for a photocopy in when you run big tabs. So if you wake up the next day or when you get your statement and be in shock, do call and contest it. If you call the Spearmint Rhino back, they will tell you that its you who sign off on it as they have a photo copy of your ID and your finger print on the credit card slip. Well, if you don't remember what happen, then most likely its your photo ID they have but not your signature or your finger print but someone else. Now the managers, the hosts and the owners all know about this. They just don't talk about it. Contest it with your credit card company and ask for a copy of the signature and finger print as by law they have to supply that to your credit card company. Also, by law, they are now suppose to serve you any more alcohol when you are wasted or the cashiers are not suppose to get you more money or chips when you are wasted. Know this and tell your credit card company you were completely wasted and had no idea what happened and you were taken advantage of. One more thing, use an AMERICAN EXPRESS instead of VISA or MASTERCARD. American Express will always stand behind their customers.

  • Bob R.

    Spearmint rhino is the Best!!

    I've been to Spearmint Rhino a whole bunch of times and never leave disappointed. They have so many girls there to chose from its amazing, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I would recommend the rhino for a special event or just a regular Tuesday night or any day of the week!!! When in doubt just go to the Rhino!!!!!

  • Randy S.

    Always a good time!!!

    I have lived in Las Vegas my whole life so I have been all over the club scene , I don't think there is a club I haven't been too. The Rhino by far is one of my favorites . It hands down is the best Gentleman's club in town. None of the other clubs are even competition for them. They always have hundreds of beautiful girls working every night. And locals are free to get, and I love that they offer a free limo ride to club as well. I like going to the Rhino to watch football too. Why go to some lame sports bar when you can go to the Rhino and watch the game with your boys and a gorgeous dancer on your lap as well. During the day they have an amazing happy hour too. You can get bottle service for only a $100 bucks!!!! If your from out of town you need to check it out , there isn't any other club like it in Las Vegas believe me I KNOW!!!

  • yo M.


    I use to work here too. If you google it there are lot of pissed off employees. Being sexually harassed by the employees, management and hosts. Girls being violated and management doing nothing about it. Pimping by the upper management to VIPs. Pressure for large tips by hosts. She got fired for telling the truth about the bs that goes down here. And the funny thing is all of it is TRUE.