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If you are looking for a city with the best nightlife on the planet, there is no place better than Las Vegas. Thank you for checking out my guide on Las Vegas Nightclub Tickets. As you plan your Vegas Vacation, most likely, you will want to do some clubbing.

Sin City offers the best daylife and nightlife options in the world for nightclubs and pool parties When the demand is high for a Las Vegas Club, the prices are high, and the lines are long.

If you're wondering about entry, your options are the guest list, nightclub tickets, VIP entry, and bottle service. If you want the ultimate VIP clubbing experience, especially if this is your first time in a Las Vegas nightclub or if you're celebrating a milestone event, buy bottle service. Bottle Service is committing to purchasing full bottles of liquor and champagne. It includes a selection of condiments and mixers, prime real estate inside the Club (the more you spend on bottle service, the better your table location), expedited/complimentary entry, and VIP service. Your bottles are served tableside by a dedicated cocktail server who pours your shots and drinks, a busser who keeps your table cleaned and stocked with glasses and ice, and security to keep away unwanted guests.


Bottle Service is hugely convenient because, without it, you can expect to wait in long lines to gain access into the Club. You may have to purchase a general admission ticket just to get in, and there is no guarantee that your group will qualify for the guest list. There is always a long wait at the bar, the cost of individual drinks is exceptionally high, $20-$25 each, and you could risk spilling it on yourself or others when you are shoulder-to-shoulder standing in a crowd. Book your bottle service in advance. Tables are in high demand, and if you wait too long, the Club you want could be sold out.

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But for this page, my focus is on Vegas club tickets only. If you are viewing this page on the desktop, click on the Club of your choice, located on the right on desktop to get to the individual tickets page. At the top of this page on mobile is a sub-navigation menu with links to each Club's tickets page.

After reading my guide, you will understand the ticket buying options to decide what is best for you and your group.

What is the Difference between Guestlist and Tickets?


This is a valid question; one we get asked all the time. First, we offer the guest list as a free service, and we have a detailed guide on how guestlist system works.

The most important difference is that tickets GUARANTEE ENTRY, the guest list does not. Tickets are profitable for the clubs. If they sell 500 tickets, they will save room based on those 500 ticket buyers will get in. While the clubs use the guest list to help fill up their room, they prefer to have a room full of people who paid to get in than those who were comped entry.

If you are on the guestlist and the Club reaches max capacity, you are out of luck. So, if you have your heart set on a particular nightclub, or seeing your favorite artist, then buy tickets even if they have a guest list.

Tickets allow for more flexibility when it comes to the time of entry. For instance, you don't need to arrive at the Club when it opens and wait in line. On the other hand, promoters will tell people on the guestlist to arrive as soon as the Club opens and wait in line – it's the free option, so that's the trade-off.

While tickets are not cheap, and extra fees are added, don't ruin your vacation by waiting in line up to 4 hours and miss seeing mega-stars Tiësto and Chainsmokers.

Expedited Entry Tickets


These days, most of the Vegas Clubs offer the option to pay a premium to "skip the line," which allows the expedited entry ticket holder to go in through a quicker entrance than the regular ticket holders.

You Several clubs This is called "expedited entry." In most cases, there will be a separate line or area for entry. This is usually a simple process, but you will still need to wait to show your ID and go through security.

Prices tend to be around $50 to $100 more than standard ticket prices, but to coin a phrase, "paying for convenience comes down to the trade-off of money vs. time." We can sometime beat the expedited entry price with out VIP Entry service.

VIP Club Entry


Simply put, VIP Entry means quick entry through the VIP entrance of the Club. We have a complete guide to VIP Entry which covers the cost and service in detail. Basically, we leverage our relationships and table bookings to slip a few people in through the bottle service entry area, which means quick entry without any line. But when it's a big weekend, a holiday weekend, or a popular artist is performing, we can't pull it off; other days/nights, we can. Please fill out a form to see if VIP entry is possible on your weekend.

VIP Bar Cards


Another popular option is the VIP Bar card with expedited entry, but it is only good at the nightclub where it was purchased – this helps clubs get more money in the bank before the night begins. The VIP bar cards get you expedited entry and credit for drinks. Usually, you will find pre-loaded options that include $100 or $150 in drink credits to be used on whatever you would like at any in-club bars within the nightclub.

Some of the management teams operate several clubs and have some multi-venue options. For example, Tao Group Hospitality has Marquee Dayclub, Marquee Nightclub, Tao Beach, Tao Nightclub, Omnia, Hakkasan, Wet Republic, Liquid Pool Lounge, and Jewel. For a slight upcharge, you might be able to get a ticket that includes entry into all the venues in one weekend.

"V.I. WE" Option


V.I.We is the first-ever bottle-sharing experience in Las Vegas. For example, you might see the V.I.We option at Tao Nightclub when you purchase tickets. TAO created this opportunity where the V.I.We offers a bottle service experience at a fraction of the cost. Each night, TAO reserves an area of the Club exclusively for V.I.We guests where there are bottle service tables with open seating. Three different types of alcohol are available to V.I.We guests to fill the bottle service tables with a shared bottle service ticker option. Paying for a shared table might be fun if you mesh well, or it might be a bust if you don't care for the other people at the table. Las Vegas is all about taking chances, and it could be an ideal option for a couple or small group.

Our PROMO Codes


Exploring Las Vegas is your one-stop shop for VIP bottle service, tickets, guest list, and promo codes. If you're interested in promo codes, head to the Club's ticket page and click on the "buy tickets" link or fill out the form to see if we offer a promo code. After collecting your information, if we have a promo code, we will immediately inbox you the code and details. The discounts and benefits will vary depending on the event.

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I'm Brian Pfeiffer, the owner of I have over 20 years of VIP hosting experience, 12 in Chicago and the last 8 in Vegas. I am a licensed independent host by the Nevada Gaming Commission. As a Clark County Professional Promoter, I can assist you with all things Vegas– dining, fun, adventures, attractions, clubs, limo transportation, male revues, spa packages – you name it, and I can make it happen! We buy in bulk and pass the volume discounts to you!

The Final Word

If you hate waiting in long lines, tickets are a great option. If you want to guarantee entry, buy a ticket. If you don't want to wait in any lines, consider the expedited ticket option or our VIP entry service. But if you want the ultimate VIP clubbing experience, always bet on bottle service.

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