Grand Canyon North Rim

Grand Canyon North Rim Tours

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When you fly over the Grand Canyon, you get a great idea of just how big this tourist trap really is. What you don’t get to see is just how much the canyon has to offer. Split up into several different rims, this massive attraction offers a plethora of entertaining and adventurous options. On the north rim of the Grand Canyon, you will get a different experience then on the other 3 rims.

The North Rim

One of the first things that one must know about the north rim is that, unlike its southern counterpart, it is not open year round. Found closer Utah and a five hour drive from the south rim, the north rim of the Grand Canyon has more of a volatile weather threat and will experience more snowfall due to its higher elevation. Though it’s season is shorter, while it is open, the north rim provides an expansive area to explore as well as plenty of lodging for those looking to extend their stay to longer than one day.

On top of being seasonal, the north rim really is made less for tourism and more for the adventurous passerby. More rugged trails and scarcer amenities make this part of the Grand Canyon a survivalists dream.

Be a Tourist

There is a lot to see on the north rim, so much so that it may get to be a little overwhelming to decide where to start, especially if you’re only there for a short period of time. The north rim is home to its own visitor center, which provides guests with information regarding the Grand Canyon’s formation and its many facets of nature. First timers to the Grand Canyon’s north rim will find this to be a valuable stop, as it will pave the way for the rest of the trip’s abundance of activities.


The true nature lover will want to take advantage of the north rim’s plentiful lodging and camp grounds. From less rustic multi-roomed cabins and motels to the close-to-nature campgrounds, if you are looking to stay in the Grand Canyon you are going to find yourself facing plenty of choices. Realistically, to get a chance to do everything you could want to do in the Grand Canyon, you are going to need to stay overnight.

Adventures and Tours

Visiting the Grand Canyon is more about the tourist experience, it’s about doing those once-in-a-lifetime activities that you may never get the chance to do again. On top of sight seeing, guests to the Grand Canyon’s north rim will want to take part in some midday hiking. Due to the natural life that inhabits the north rim, you never want to go hiking after dark, but when you go for a nice hike in the sun, you get to get up close and personal with the north rim’s natural habitat. Hiking trails snake through the north rim, ensuring that you get nothing but the most exquisite views that you could ask for. If you're going to traverse the north rim on foot, be sure to bring along a pretty well packed survivalist kit. First aid, wrapped up food supply (think MRE's), and comfortable walking shoes. The trails on the north rim are a little more troublesome than those on the south.

grand canyon north rim Las Vegas

Not one to want to get up close and personal with nature? Well, if you are not adverse to flying, you can always take flight in a helicopter tour. Aboard you’re private chopper, you will get to see everything the north rim has to offer without dealing with the nuances that come with hiking. On top of what those hiking the north rim will get to see, you will also soar over the central portion of the Grand Canyon and see what else this massive tourist trap has to offer.

Want nothing to do with either flying or hiking? Well, you’re lucky that the north rim also provides bus tours that cruise alongside the northern rim to provide unrivaled views of the Grand Canyon. From Bright Angel Point to Cape Royal, these bus tours will cover the major points of the north rim all attached with the perks of a sight seeing guided tour.

No matter what you decide to do on the north rim of the Grand Canyon, you are going to find yourself engrossed in the ultimate experience that, though it may be ideal for the more adventurous type, can still cater to the sheltered tourist. Don’t delay any further, explore the Grand Canyon’s north rim today!