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Las Vegas Airport Transportation

Las Vegas, NV, United States

Las Vegas Airport Transportation Overview

So, you’ve finally landed in Vegas, ready to kick off a fantastic vacation. You’ve got just one more obstacle: how to get from the airport to your final destination. No trip to Las Vegas, or anywhere else for that matter, is complete without buying transportation. Luckily, you have many options from the minute you set foot in the airport.

If your trip will be confined mostly to the Strip and you plan to walk or use the airport to visit the casinos, taking a shuttle is probably the most economical choice. Shuttles are located at the west exit (near the 8-13 baggage claims). Shuttles are a group service, but for a very low price they will transport you to either Strip hotels or off-the Strip hotels. Shuttle trips to areas just outside of Las Vegas can also be arranged at the airport. You’ll just need to look up some phone numbers and make a few phone calls.

Las Vegas Airport Transportation

Some people like to rent their own cars from one of the 10 car rental companies at the airport. Just pick the one that you like best and go. Renting a car will allow you to see other attractions around the Las Vegas area with more freedom. If you want to go to the Grand Canyon but don’t want to be limited by a tour that may not stop for as long as you need to really explore, this is a good option. Also, if you want to visit local Red Rock Canyon for a hike, having a car will make it easier to get there.

You could take a taxi, and there is no shortage of taxis in Las Vegas. They are eight different taxis that serve the airport. They are certainly a convenient way to get around, and you can go anywhere, if you are willing to pay the price. As opposed to taking a shuttle, you don’t have to worry about multiple stops on the way to your hotel, so if you are really in a rush to check in, this may be your choice. After you get to your hotel, if you plan mostly to go up and down the Strip, but you want to get faster than your feet or the airport will get you there, it is easy to flag one down.

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Las Vegas, NV, United States




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  • Sharon D.

    Totally ridiculous wait for a shuttle

    Totally ridiculous wait for a shuttle. Unfortunately I didn't time it. The girl in the office didn't advise us where to find our shuttle so we lined up in the wrong area to start. Lined up again to inquire why the shuttle was taking so long, to be told that we should be lined up across the road. Shuttle number area was not visible as other shuttles blocked the number. The return trip was a nightmare. I had called for the shuttle the day before as requested. The shuttle did not show up on time, but 30 minutes late. I had been told on the phone to tell the driver my name was on the list. He didn't care about any listor confirmation number, and insisted I pay another $13 if I wanted to get to the airport. Other people who were on the same shuttle decided to take a taxi which cost $12.50 for 3 people. Passengers on the bus requested that he turn down the music which was painfully loud - he ignored them. Needless to say that when I return to Vegas in a few weeks we will take a taxi instead of a shuttle..

  • William R.

    taxi driver charge me 40 us

    Last time I went to vegas taxi driver charge me 40 us from airport to circus circus hotel.

  • W I.

    McCarran SUCKS

    Worst.Airport.Ever. I hate to say it but we are now flying into LAX and then driving down to Vegas next time we go...Arrived at McCarran midnight to fly back home only to wait in 4 disorganized lines where people were making their own rules as to "whose next" finally was served by an angry asian attendant who looked like it was his last day on the job and needed a drink. Proceeded to the scanning system, went into that old scanner and was completely YELLED at by a haggard lady asking if I had anything in my pockets and to throw it in the dish. I had chapstick and my passport then put the items in the dish from which she screamed nothing is to be in your pockets! I had a huge smile because I always find it is hilarious when people like that are power hungry. Scanner scanned and she told me to get out and stand on the mat. Then a gentlemen gave a hand signal to step 2 steps forward. I stated "boy you guys don't mess around over here huh?" From which no facial expression or response was given. I proceeded to stand pointlessly. Then he waved me to the side so I could pick up my belongings..I look, and my container was flipped upside down backpack was on the moving cart and wallet went into another person's tray...I was FUMING at this point. The guy that was scanning the carryon belongings kept pushing the trays, which is how mine was flipped at the end..then I yelled for him to stop because I was missing my watch, gold ring that is probably worth more than his life, and another 500$ ring. He stated for me not to worry about it then walked over to where he was sitting and pulled them from under the desk where he was scanning. He gave me some bullshit about sometimes the backpacks push things like that out but it catches it and that he was sorry. I thereby responded that maybe to optimize their workflow they shouldn't have 3 guys standing there waving people to stand on a mat after being scanned by the haggard lady operating the machine and to have one guy watching the trays so they don't flip...my rings and watch were then given back and I proceeded to make the walk to my gate...opps...of course I started to feel that my pants were falling down and that I didn't see my belt on the tray(where I initially put it with my things to be scanned) ...walked all the way back where I stood at the end and pointed to the ground where, of course, my belt lay. I stood and pointed until the same joker worker who probably tried to hussle me out of my rings picked up my belt and gave it to me. I snatched it from him and went back to the gate...while awaiting for my flight I couldn't help but feel embarrassed for the unprofessional staff at which point stating over the intercom "last flight for a ...Yeung..umm..Y-E-U-N-G ..I'm prolly saying that wrong but Young please go to gate 5"...Sigh finally I can board...