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Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Las Vegas Wedding Guide

Nothing is more romantic to some people than being whisked away for a weekend where they will end up getting married in Las Vegas. With all the available Las Vegas wedding options it is no wonder why so many people get married in Las Vegas all the time. In Las Vegas you can plan something fast and unique or you can go the traditional route. You will have your option from getting married in one of the many casinos or you can get married in one of the many theme chapels that are available.

You can get married in a number of styles if you choose a Las Vegas wedding. From Elvis to Rock n' Roll Doo Wop weddings, everything is available. If you want to get married outdoors you can choose to get married in a helicopter as you fly over Las Vegas or you could decide on a more traditional ceremony that is located outdoors overlooking the desert. You could even get married in your car or a limo at one of the many drive-thru wedding chapels in the city.


Most of the hotels on the Strip offer Las Vegas wedding packages that range from simple use of the chapel to a fairytale wedding. You can get married at any of the big hotels and enjoy the lavish scenery as you make that part of the experience. In most cases, you can choose a package that includes flowers, cakes, and other necessities. Photographers are commonly added into the packages as well. A honeymoon suite comes along with some of the bigger packages.

Getting married in Las Vegas is a one of a kind event. Thanks to the variety offered, you can choose to have a wedding that you could never have anywhere else. If you are planning to come to Las Vegas make sure to look at the packages to plan your dream wedding. Whatever you want, can happen in Las Vegas. Please note that due to the high number of marriage happens after hangover parties in Las Vegas, you can hire a Las Vegas lawyer (Deluce associates, Dickerson Law Group, Law Practive, Hanratty Law groups are well-known law firms) for annulment within two weeks after marriage.