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Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel also known as "Disaster Chapel" according to the news of Las Vegas local Channel 8 as well as CBC news America. it's a pretty old chapel located on the other side of Las Vegas, near airport. It used to be so famous that even some celebrities chose this chapel for their wedding, however because of the bad management, its fame is fading for sure.

Little Church of the West

Las Vegas is proud with its wedding industry but this latest event shows how poorly this Las Vegas chapels are regulated, of course, there are still tons of chapels in Las Vegas that do great ceremonies. The Director / photographer of the Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel forgot about this being once in a lifetime event that every couple wants it flawless, director of the chapel yells at the guests, ruin their wedding and try to cover up by blaming the guests.

Video clearly shows that not a single guest talk back to this photographer, even entertainer Elvis was shocked by this crazy photographer (see video below) and minister continuesly tries to calm him down with no luck. Moreover, chapel owner and managers think that this event is not big deal!

If you are coming to Las Vegas and looking for a wedding chapel to get married, we wouldn't recommend Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel if you don't want to risk your greatest event of your life until they run the place under new management and renovate the chapel. unfortunately, chapel promises a professional photography to its customers but uses the director of the chapel also raises question mark about this chapel that is notorious with its bad treatment.

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Review by Meg S. on Jun 17
I have no doubt some people come to Vegas, get drunk, get rowdy, and cause a scene - but in this case, I was at the wedding and it was not the case. Here's how the wedding went... Group of about 20 people stand outside. Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel employee rounds us up to enter - we're given no instructions other than being told the ceremony would take 15 minutes. Guests enter. Guests stand when bride enters. There are two people in the crowd taking photo and video. The friend taking photos is a professional. They aren't standing in anyone's way - they're merely crouching in front of the pew. The chapel photographer is circling the couple taking photos as well. He's got the closest angle and no one is in his way. Bride and groom exchange vows. They begin to exchange wedding rings. Then the photographer begins screaming: "Sit down! He [points at the minister] told you to sit down!" (Not true.) He yelled at the minister too: "You've got to control these people!" I can only assume he feared my friends wouldn't buy his photography package. After a long yelling spell leaving guests stunned and speechless, the groom requested the photographer leave and stop taking photographs. To that he yelled: "I'm the director!" The photographer/director eventually sulked and went to the back of the chapel, but as soon as he saw the friend taking video crouch beside the pew again, he came out screaming: "STOP THE WEDDING!" If the chapel's official position is that we were all drunk (we weren't), unruly (we weren't), and blocking the photographer's vantage point (we weren't), what is the reason for the director coming from the back of the chapel to yell "Stop the wedding" after he'd been asked to stop taking photographs? We left word for the chapel owner, Greg Smith, to call to discuss. We never heard from him. This is incredibly disappointing as we felt the director/photographer's outbursts would be a point of shame and embarrassment. An apology would've gone a long way. But the chapel told Channel 8 they'd perform another ceremony for free. Really? Is that a joke? We have all sworn off having anything to do with this chapel while Mr. Michael-I'm-the-director-Perez works there. Are we supposed to do a take two and let him scream at us again? This chapel ruined my friends' wedding and all they have to say for themselves is: "Your guests were drunk and unruly but we'll do another wedding for free." Laughable. The only good part about this chapel was the guitar-playing Elvis. After the director stopped screaming at us, he diffused the situation the best he could, by walking to the front of the room breaking into a song. We appreciated the effort, but still, the damage was done.

I wouldn't recommend a wedding here
Review by Jeff K. on July 8
I had some good friends get married here several years ago and although a famous location I wouldn't recommend a wedding here, the owners seem to just collect the profits and not put money into the property to improve it. The wedding I attended was very uncomfortable since it too was held in the heat of summer in Las Vegas. The best air conditioning on the property is in the main office where the paperwork is done. There was no air conditioning in the room where the bride got dressed and all of the guests had to wait outside in the heat for the ceremony to begin. The day my friends got married they did have rules of not taking pictures until after the wedding ceremony is completed, but even people in our party took some snapshots, but who seriously wouldn't do so? Summer heat can get people on edge and I have a feeling this "photograher" lost it because of the heat and stress of trying to take pictures in such a tiny settings as this "church". The main chapel is about the size of a long garage, but that is the draw since it's historical and located on the Las Vegas strip. So why is the Chapel of the West offering a make up ceremony? because they know they made a huge mistake in judgment. My feeling is that they do so many cermonies here that they have lost touch of how sacred and special a wedding day is
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I cannot believe a member of the staff would act that heinously
Review by Courtney C. on July 15
Your experience with the chapel sounds completely awful! I'm sorry you guys had to go through all of that. I watched the video and was almost in tears for the lovely bride and groom. We are getting married in Vegas also at a different chapel so I definitely can picture myself in their shoes. I cannot believe a member of the staff would act that heinously!
0.5 - ( Little Church of the West Chapel Review )

I am absolutely ASTOUNDED
Review by Kelly S. on Aug 1
I am absolutely ASTOUNDED by the video that you were able to shoot. Thank God you were able to get that on film! I wish more people would speak out about their experiences to save future couples. There been more negative reviews at the time we did our service I might have chosen a different chapel.
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I was so disappointed
Review by Kelly S. on Aug 19
My husband and I loved the idea of a Vegas wedding. We specifically chose that location and chapel on purpose, and I was so disappointed by some of the things that occurred. I know not every wedding day goes perfectly and without a hitch, but there were certainly things that could have been improved for the brief time we were there. The worst part of the whole experience was when I contacted them with all of my feedback. Word for word from the email response I got.
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I do not recommend this place to anyone
Review by Moondance S. on Sep 1
I asked receptionist about having a Wiccan minister and the woman at the front desk (late afternoon of July 29th 2011) said she wouldn't allow in one sentence! that's really inappropriate. I do not recommend this place to anyone.
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