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Star Trek The Exp.

Star Trek the Experience tickets
Star Trek geeks of the world are all heading to Las Vegas thanks to one adventure based in the Las Vegas Hilton. The Star Trek Experience is an interactive adventure that is based on the world famous science fiction television series by the same name. As you enter the experience, you will be thrown into the 24th Century. In this futuristic world you will be able to see and touch all there is to see in the future. The Star Trek Experience includes two, multi-million dollar completely interactive adventures for you to enjoy.

The adventures include Klingon Encounter and Borg Invasion 4D. In the Klingon Encounter you will have a chance to go on a Star Trek mission. Well, that is if you think you can handle the adventure. You will be going to war with the galaxy's most dangerous warriors! Your mission will be to evade the Klingon warship as you blast through galaxies at warp speeds on your shuttle craft. This adventure lasts 18 minutes.

Borg Invasion has been listed as the most ambitious 4D creation that has ever been conceived. Using live actors and amazing special effects you are offered a completely realistic Star Trek experience. You will be able to tour a research facility in the future. Meanwhile, the frightening drones that are part of the Borg Collective will be attempting to capture and absorb the guests in the facility by using state of the art cybernetic technology.

Attraction Details

Ticket Office: 11:30AM-8:00PM daily.
First ride: 12:00PM / Last ride: 8:30PM
Quark's Bar & Restaurant:
11:30AM–10:30PM (Sunday through Thursday)
11:30AM–11:30 PM (Friday through Saturday)

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Attraction Pricing

Price for BORG Invasion 4D/Klingon Encounter/History of the Future Museum Pass: $42.99 per person
$35.99 per person for seniors, children under 12 and Nevada Resident with valid ID.


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Other interactive and exciting Star Trek themed activities in the Las Vegas Hilton include The History of the Future museum and Quark’s Bar and Restaurant. One of the largest shopping outlets for Star Trek merchandise is also available at the Las Vegas Hilton to ensure all of the Star Trek lovers have some fun toys to take home with them.

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Star Trek the Experience Las Vegas 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews

stay at the Hilton because of the Star Trek Experience
Review by Peter V. on Feb 1
I have to travel to Las Vegas to attend several Trade Shows and I always stay at the Hilton because of the Star Trek Experience. I will take a tram or a taxi to the Trade Show as opposed to a much shorter transit, just to stay at the Hilton and at the Experience. Trade Shows can be boring but a fresh light at the end of the tunnel has always been the Experience. I am shocked the Experience is closed and it has resulted in my Family and I now staying at another hotel on the strip. Live long and Prosper to all that loved the Experience and that would love to see it be reborn elsewhere! Sincerely, WP Vos

I like the food at Quark's
Review by Will L. on Feb 10
The main reson I go to Vegas and stay at the Hilton is because of Star Trek the Experience. I love the atmosphere and the people that work there. The place is very very clean. I like the food at Quark's and am sorry to hear that STTE may close at the end of the year, because I haven't tried some other items on their menu. If it does not my plans are to spend Christmas there. If it does I will not be going to Vegas.

wonderful experience
Review by Charles S. on Mar 19
I want to say that the time I spent at Star Trek the Experience was a wonderful experience. I hope to make it to experience the Star Trek Experience again this year. It would be a sure shame if this one of a kind event closed. I would promote the experience as a wonderful time for the whole family.

most FANTASTIC time
Review by Eric C. on Apr 25
We visited Star Trek the Experience last year from Australia. We spent the whole day there and had the most FANTASTIC time. The timeline details were fascinating. The behind the scenes was very very imformative. The characters around the place were such fun to interact with. And it was wheelchair friendly - big bonus for me. We are so sorry to hear it is closing down. We were saving up to come again. RIP Star Trek The Exhibition.

somthing new to enjoy
Review by RHoda on May 5
I have been to the Experience many times over the years and I always find somthing new to enjoy along with all my previous fun. I loved going onto the bridge of TNG\'s Enterprise. And what a hoot it is to see all the characters around from all over the galaxy. A must do is to eat at Quarks, but watch out the owner may try to sell you a napkin.

I am very disappointed that the Star Trek experience is not available
Review by Sonja A. on Nov 21
I am very disappointed that the Star Trek experience is not available. I have been pumping up my family, most of whom are flying for the very 1st time, about this attraction. This was going to be one of the major highlights of our trip. The 1st time my husband and I visited Vegas we came to the Hilton and had a blast at the Star Trek Adventure and have talked about it every since. Please open back up. If this is due to the financial crunch just lower your prices a little bit and maybe more people could afford to come.

Star Trek the bar is the funnest after you do the virtual ride
Review by Patty F. on Nov 15
Me and my freinds go to Vegas every year some times twice a year and always made it a point to vist the Hilton's Star Trek the bar is the funnest after you do the virtual ride. I was there the last night open just by chance and am very disappointed to see it leave. It was one of my highlights going to Vegas over the last 10 years.

Review by Fred P. on Apr 14
I was disappointed to hear the attraction was closing. I am planning a trip to Vegas and wanted to was going to book rooms at the Hilton until I learned the experience had closed. I guess we stay at Treasure Island.

Review by Larry R. on Apr 14
Say it isn't so! Our group was looking forward to seeing this attraction. I would have thought with the new movie it would have been very popular. We are all disappointed.

bring it back!
Review by kathy H. on Jul 11
I really enjoyed my visit to the "Star Trek' Hilton. I especially loved Quark's Bar where the 6ft plus Klingon 'lady' put my know-it-all ex propery in his place and speechless for the first time in his life! I'd pay just to have her do Divorce-paper servings!LOL

Review by Pete B. on Jul 19
My wife and I come to Vegas 3 or 4 times a year & always stayed at the Hilton because of Star Trek the Experience & Quarks bar. We no longer stay at the Hilton. We stay every where else. To the Hilton you made a big mistake, bring back The Experience & Quarks!!!!
5.0 - ( Star Trek the Experience Review Review )

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