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It had never been done before. Indeed, over the past century dozens of explorers have failed to run the mighty Nile River in a single expedition. On April 28th, 2004 this changed when a team of explorers led by Pasquale Scaturro and Gordon Brown spent 114 grueling days following the Nile River from its source in Ethiopia to the Mediterranean Sea. Mystery of the Nile chronicles this exciting 3,260-mile long journey through incredibly daunting challenges, from deadly crocodiles, dangerous whitewater rapids, rogue gunfire, to malaria and temperatures about 120 degrees, all in stunning IMAX cinematography displayed at Luxor Las Vegas.

Viewers will feel as though they are riding alongside the team as they crash through white water rapids, among other experiences. Of course, the Mystery of the Nile is not just a retelling of obstacles faced, it is a visceral story about the motivation and determination it takes to undertake such a quest. Each of the expedition members has their own reasons for taking the journey, and unraveling those reasons is one of the greatest joys of the film.

Mystery of the Nile is the large format directorial debut of award-winning documentarian Jordi Llompart, and will contribute to knowledge of the way cultural past helps to create the future. The cinematic debut of the historic Nile region, from which sprang the culture of Egypt and the pharaohs, is unparalleled in vividness and wonder.

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Location : Luxor Hotel

Pricing : $12/ person.

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