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Lavo nightclub las vegas

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Lavo Nightclub Las Vegas

The LAVO nightclub Las Vegas is notorious in its association with the word "bathhouse." However, despite the Latin origin of its name, the truth is that it is not a bathhouse. It is a stunning nightclub at the Palazzo the looks enough like one to make you swear that it actually is.

Club Lavo
dance floor

LAVO is one of Las Vegas' "concept" clubs, differentiating it from many others. When concept club first popped up in Las Vegas, one of the most popular themes was the Asian, but LAVO wanted to raise the bar—and the level of exoticism. For a bathhouse, this means decor from places renowned for bathhouses, like Morocco. These authentic touches really allow club-goers to feel swept away by the atmosphere and live the splendor of a truly unique experience. The Turkish fountains especially contribute to the exotic atmosphere.

Lavo Las Vegas
dining area

This experience begins from the moment you cross the threshold. On one side of the lounge is the restaurant area (which serves only the best of Mediterranean cuisine), and on the other is a patio. There are plans to turn a portion of the space into a hookah lounge, so if hookah is your thing, Club LAVO Las Vegas is the place for you.

The club itself is not huge, only 4500 square feet, so it has a feel that is intimate and delightful. Of course, it is the DJs (whose music is projected through a state of the art sound system) who make the club run. They truly are the focal point of the LAVO Nightclub experience. Each night a different DJ runs a distinctive show, so you’ll never get bored with the music!

Club LAVO at Palazzo Hotel is one of the newest hotspots in Las Vegas, rivaling the other concept clubs. Whether you are a local, a visitor, or a celebrity, LAVO should be the next club you check out. Come embrace the many different experiences you can find every night.

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Palazzo Hotel Las Vegas


Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun.

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Up to 1 hour, depends on the night.

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  • Gino G.

    very dope spot

    Went here on a Sunday to see DJ VIce...oh man he's the ish..The club kinda has a trippy entrance and its more of a lounge kinda club (not big at all) but very dope spot... One of the bouncers up front was very rude/D*** whateva you wanna call it.. we had a ratio 4 guys 2 girls and was there at opening. I give this club an 8.25 out of 10(been best) Wouldve gotten a 8.75 but the bouncer lost them 1/2 of a point.